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World War II in the Pacific

Architect of stunning triumphs and inexplicable defeats, Douglas MacArthur remains the most intriguing military leader of the twentieth century. There was never any middle ground with MacArthur. One pithy quote—“I shall return”—enshrined him as

a legend. But the full story went deeper...

Praise for MACARTHUR AT WAR:  

  1. "More than any other book I have read, MacArthur at War gives readers a unique portrait of the great general with his almost incredible combination of admirable and detestable qualities. Nearly as important are the insights into unflappable General George C. Marshall, who managed MacArthur's gifts and flaws to wrest victory from near defeat in a global war." Thomas Fleming, author of The New Dealers' War: FDR and the War Within World War II

Little, Brown — May 10, 2016